Friday, September 16, 2016

Well..That Was A Short Email...

Hi mom!

No time left, but read Dad's email and the mass email I sent out, and tell casey I love her!


To her dad:

Hi Dad!

No, Hermana Arrington doesn't know you messed up my name. She is in a completely different area than I am, so no worries. :) I just bought a thermal bottle thingy you can use to sleep with at night, you fill it up with hot water and it stays warm all night. It wasn't very expensive, and Hna. Powell uses hers all the time, so I figured it would be a good idea, and to have for next year, too. Also, in case I get sent to Punta Arenas, the southernmost area in the mission, and in the world. Wish me luck! xD 

I'm sorry the mac wasn't working and that you had to use your 3DS. Did you at least finish whatever it was you needed to do? And, I love the picture of you on the tank. You look very handsome. :) In my mass email, I talked about this crazy guy we met about a week ago while we were on our way home from the store.. he liked to practice satanic-y/voo-doo stuff and he has crazy hair like Crusty from the Simpsons. We recieved a referral from the Hna. Leaders, and when we went to knock on the door... it was him! He made us go see his room (We had a member with us, no worries on that part) and there was a creepy doll head sitting on top of a glass vase on a shelf and weird symbols and pictures in his room. Needless to say, we gave him a book of mormon, shared a scripture, said a prayer, and BOOKED IT. Hna. Powell had to write in the area book not to visit this man because it was that bad! I don't have a lot of details because I couldn't understand most of the conversation, but from what I was told... I'm glad I couldn't! I'm not worried though, he's harmless. Just creepy, is all. 

I like my Ecco with a lot of sugar.. I don't like the bitterness, either. I would say I have about half the substitute, half sugar, and it works great. I love it even more with milk, but I like to save my milk for my cereal. And, my home isn't that bad. I like it a lot more now than when I first got here. and yes, the poorer people in america have super nice homes compared to some I have seen here! If they were in the US, someone would be like "does anyone even live in that house? It's so old! Someone should tear it down." or something like that. Anyway, I gotta write the mission president, so until next week! I love you!


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