Friday, September 16, 2016

In the Mexico City MTC


Mi español no es muy bueno.. pero yo tengo aprendiendo (learned?) mucho mientras será aquí! Me amo este evangelio, y yo sé es verdadero. El don de linguas es real, no puedo este dos semanas pasado! 

Translation: My spanish is not very good.. but I have learned a lot while being here! I love this gospel, and I know it is true. The Gift of Tongues is real, I couldn't do this two weeks ago!

Sorry about all the pictures, I can't add them all onto one email, there isn't enough room. I took 65 pictures. :)

This is her room with her roommates.  Sister Arrington is her companion and I think she's in the red next to the window.

Caley saw her first palm tree and this is the one she touched.

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