Friday, September 16, 2016

It's Still Cold!

Hey Mom!

So, Osorno is super cold. Okay, not super cold, but we don´t have heat in our house right now, only a gas heater that we can´t leave on for longer than 2 hours, so it´s colder than it should be. 😁 Bad news. Remember that Taska shoulder bag I bought for my mission? I can´t use it, it hurts my shoulders too much to carry it around. I can use the hip straps too, but it doesn´t really help that much. The bag itself is heavy, and when I put all my stuff in it, it doesn´t help. My trainer, Hermana Powell, got me to buy a backpack instead. Backpacks are allowed here, because it´s only a walking mission. I bought a simple blue bag that is water resistant, for the rain here. So far, even though I´ve only had it for a couple hours, I like it better. The only thing I miss is being able to just reach over to my side and grab out what I need, I can´t do that with a backpack. But I need comfort more than availability, haha. My trainer, Hna. Powell, is super nice. She has been out for 7 months, and only speaks in spanish to me. It has helped me learn so much, and I can almost understand her perfectly. Talking however, is another😊 story.  The sister training leaders here are impressed with me because I talk a lot more than the other brand new missionaries, and it surprised them. I guess they´re all super quiet, and while I´m quiet too, I guess I´m just not as quiet. I have my camera with me, but I forgot my cord again, so no pictures this week, but my first day, after I met my companion, was not good. Our house is super super small, and kinda sketchy looking. We have a big metal front door, with graffiti all over, and then you walk past that door into our 'yard', which is concrete with a carpet over it, and then we have an actual door, which is small, like the rest of the house. We are supposed to get our heat tomorrow, which will be good. We´ll be using a combustion thing for heat, we have to chop our own wood and make a fire. When I know more, I can explain it better. I have been very humbled living here, and am learning to appreciate just how nice our house is compared to the houses here. People still use wood stoves here, not very many people have gas stoves, and I have yet to see an electric stove! Oh, and if you could tell me how much is on my card every friday, that would be super great. 

Anyway, I´m cold a lot here, but I´m okay. I promise, I´m being taken care of. 😊 I love you!


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