Friday, September 16, 2016

August 3 2016

I'm glad you liked the pictures, Mom! While the idea of painting my room is super sweet of you and Danielle, I'm not sure I understand the purpose! xD Of course you guys can do what you want, but I'm disappointed that I won't be able to see it for a while! Also, the pictures of your art were VERY pretty. You keep getting better and better!

This week has been a little bit stinky. I've been a little sick with a small cold and haven't been very hungry, lately. Apart from that, everything has been fine over here. Oh! Josh told some of the girls in his district, who are also my roommates, that he used to wrestle in 7th grade and about the picture of him with his leotard on. The girls all wanna see it, and have been repeatedly asking me to ask you to send me the picture of him with his leotard so they can see it. :) 

I have been trying really hard lately to get better at making small talk in spanish. I found that teaching simple principles of the gospel is pretty okay, but my companion and I sat with a couple Latino Hermanas yesterday at lunch, and I found out that my spanish isn't as good as I thought it was! So, I get to keep working harder. :) I'm getting better at reading the bom in spanish too, but I still need help from the english translation for words I don't recognize. Something that I've had to learn here is that there will never been an exact translation from spanish to English, and that I need to quit stressing about the small details. I've been working on a lot of the grammar too, because that's really what is the difficult part. So many different tenses! 

That is such a cool missionary experience Dad had! I hope Dorothy will be able to explore more of the church! I am not worried about you or Dad or Casey at all. Okay, I worry about you guys a little bit, but I know that you guys are in the Lord's hands while Josh and I are gone. I know everything will be okay as long as you guys are always striving to be faithful and dilligent. Have you been going to Church every week? I know it's hard for you and Dad, but I also know that having the spirit with me as a constant companion has been a huge blessing for me here when I get stressed or frustrated, and I know that having the spirit with you guys will help you a lot, too. 

Also, I have a couple stories. I got super sunburned last week the day I emailed you guys, my companion and Elder Grow and his companion Elder Harper were teaching me to play tennis, and we were outside for like 2 hours and I totally forgot about sunscreen until we were done, and then I was like... well. I hope I didn't get too sunburned! And I did. My arms, my face, the back of my legs, my neck, my scalp, and the tops of my ears! My legs didn't tan, but my arms are a little more tan, now. :) 

Also, Elder Greening and I were trying this bran cereal they had here (also, there is no captain crunch. Frosted flakes, chocolate frosted flakes, off-brand cheerios, froot loops, and a couple different brand cereals they just keep in the box) and Elder Greening thought it needed sugar, and I had seen a bowl of sugar in the comedor and I told him to just use that, and I decided to get some too because it had sounded good, so we get the cereal, get the sugar, go back to our table, and Elder Greening takes a bite, spits it back out, and says "It's not sugar!" 

It was salt.

Ooopsies. :)

I'm just glad he tried it before I did! Needless to say, we didn't finish our cereal that day, and now we know that the bowl of sugar they keep out is actually a bowl of salt. 

Also, during one of our lessons with an investigator (really just an instructor here pretending), my companion wanted to read him Mormon 8:16, but didn't mark the scriptures in her spanish BoM, and accidentally read him 8:21. Read the scriptures and I think you'll get a laugh. :) 

I get to to go the temple again today, too! Very excited. 

I love you and I miss you! 9 more days and I will have already been gone for a month! 1 down, 17 more to go. :)


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