Friday, September 16, 2016

MTC And Packing

Aug 13 2016

Hi Mom!

My favorite scripture is Alma 33:23. 

Also, let Casey have a cat. She needs a buddy around the home, Mom. When she gets a job, make her help pay to take care of it, and make sure she understands how to take care of one. Make her buy the food, the litter, the toys, anything she needs and wants for the cat, she's gotta pay for it. As with the vets, you might have to help her out there, but work out a system. Half and half, you pay 40, she pays 60 percent, or vice versa or whatever. Pick a kitty that doesn't make you sick so it won't bother you. Okay? \

I'm about to be thousands of miles away on monday, so just do me this favor and let her have a kitty. x)

Sorry to hear about the tire! I didn't even know you guys knew how to change tires. x3 Glad you made it home safe! You guys were blessed, for sure. :)

Here's some pictures from last p-day and earlier today. There's a couple pictures of my district, Elder Greening is the one in the front on the right pretending to shove food in his mouth. He cracks me up. x3 There's also just a couple pictures of me from this morning, since I haven't sent you any pictures of me in a while. And then our room! Things are so messy from packing right now!  I hope you enjoy the pictures! I love you!

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