Monday, September 19, 2016

Christmas Wishes

Sep 19 2016

Hi Mom!

I am SO sorry that I didn't have time to email you, I wasted 10 minutes trying to figure out a different computer. After sending out my mass email, you are the first. :) I wanted to thank you for putting in the 20 dollars, and will you please let me know next week how much is on my card? I am apprehensive to buy anything extra that I can't use money from the mission for because I don't know how much is on there. Thank you!

 I am hoping that I will be able to find a converter for my things here, it seems like there are a lot of american products that don't have the same plug thingies, and people have to buy converters so they work here, but I haven't had a chance to find any yet, so if I do, I can use the money you gave me. Thank you. :) Also, here is the list of ideas for a christmas package. I am not asking for everything on here, just ideas of stuff to send. Most of it is food. :)

Cinnamon life cereal (I miss it so much)
Butterfingers (they don't have them here!)
Coa-coa puffs
Lucky Charms
oatmeal creme pies
brownie/cake mix/frosting (the cakes and brownies here are different. they aren't as sweet and it makes me sad. xD)
flowery skirt, preferably in neutral colors
soaps/lotions/perfumes that smell good/fruity :)
physical pictures of you guys to carry around with me
poptarts (blueberry, cherry, strawberry, brown sugar)
lemon cookies
those off brand girl scout Samoan cookies with the coconut and chocolate drizzle
swedish fish
popcorn (not kettle corn please!)

And anything else you think I might like. 

I bet Casey is pleased with her new phone! And how was the pepsi?

Love you!

Hermana Frerichs

That's QUITE the list Sweetie.  

This is the address that was given to me for sending things to her a couple of weeks ago.  I don't know if it still is.  I will email her and ask.  Everything is mailed to the mission office since the elders and sisters make transfers to different parts of the mission.  I was told it takes about a month for packages to arrive.    

Sister Caley Frerichs
Casilla 7-0
Osorno, Chile

I did a Google Map search for her street and couldn't find anything.  After about a half hour it finally registered to do a Google search on "Cassilla".  First came up a pigeon box and then some other funny words but finally figured out it was a PO box.  Duh.

Via Google Maps we could explore Osorno using the satellite function and their Street View.

Next question.  Why am I not on her mass email list that she's talking about?  

Hi Dad!

I don't have much time left, I spent a half hour reading emails and didn't leave myself enough time to reply to everyone!

I am almost certain Punta Arenas is the southernmost area in the world, but I will double check and get back to you next week. My only concern with going to punta arenas is that I'm pretty sure I can only take one 50 pound bag instead of 2, and I would have to leave the rest of my stuff in the mission home. I don't want to have to sacrifice anything to go there. x3

Anywho, I gotta go email my mission president and let the other hermanas email! I love you SO SO MUCH and I will talk to you next week!

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