Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Fire Building and Cheesecake

Sweetie, you always add your mother to your mass emails.  Silly girl.  A friend forwarded me the email she got yesterday and it was wonderful to get more information than a short message.

For those that know Caley, her hot water story is what we call "A Caley Moment".  

The only time I remember making a fire was at Girl's Camp and I set dinner on fire that night.  I wasn't allowed to cook the rest of the week.  I was relegated to dishes.  Maybe that's why I detest cooking so much.  I can't even get a cigarette lighter to work for me (my smoking friends thought that was hilarious) so I'd be really cold right now.

I'm proud that Caley is meeting these challenges and seeing her grow in such a short time.   As a mom you always worry about things like this when you can't be physically there.  You hope you've taught her enough to make her way through the world on her own and are proud when she accomplishes hard things.  I feel that our Heavenly Father must think the same thing as He watches over us.

Her letter:

I have literally a LIST of things I wanna talk about with all of you.


First, these past 3 days have been sort of an Idependence Day in Chile, and we aren't allowed to leave our houses to proselyte! The only times we could leave were if we had fixed appointments with someone or to go see members for a specific reason. We had a HUGE lunch with the family of the bishop yesterday, and it was SOOOO GOOOD. I don't think I have ever eaten so much food in my life! I ate 2 empanadas, 2 pork kabob thingies, ensalada de arroz (rice salad, super good), fries, this super weird dessert that is basically puffy wheat rice stuff in peach juice and a whole peach that has been soaked in the juice, you eat it out of a cup with a spoon. Not sure how I feel about that one, but it was still good, and then LASTLY... CHEESECAKE. THEY HAVE CHEESECAKE HERE AND I WAS SO HAPPY. The family of the bishop here is so sweet, they have helped us out with so many things and I am very grateful for them. On the downside though... I have only been here for 5 weeks and I'm already gaining weight! Some clothes that I had that were just a bit too big now are almost too small! I need to be more careful with what I eat!

I'm also getting better at making fire. I made a fire all by myself today earlier this morning, and it is still going. :) And, I LOVE it when we get to ride in a car, here. We walk everywhere (which isn't too bad at all, our sector for proselyting is only about 2 or 3 miles), so when we get to ride in a car, I always think to myself WOO YEAH CAR RIDE!
OH. ALSO. I HAVE BEEN SHOWERING IN WATER THAT IS SOMEWHAT WARMER THAN COLD FOR 5 WEEKS FOR NO REASON. I THOUGHT THAT IT DIDN'T GET ANY HOTTER THAN IT HAD BEEN GETTING. My trainer told me that I should only turn the hot water knob a little bit because the water gets super hot, and to be careful. So, I turned the hot water knob a little bit, waited. waited. waited some more. Still cold. So I turned it more, and it got warmer. But not super warm. I hadn't even turned the cold water knob because why would I turn it if I want hot water, right? Wrong. So I had spent the night with the other sisters in my ward, and their water was hot, and I was literally so happy to have hotter water, and I was talking to my companion about how happy I was to have had hot water and she looked at me all confused and said "What? Literally our water gets so hot that it can burn you, why didn't you tell me you didn't have any hot water?" And then I figured it out this morning. I had THE most satisfying shower of my life this morning. I'm just sad that I only have 2 weeks left before the next cambio! (we may or may not change companions/places during cambios, we don't know until a few days before hand, so I might leave the house we have now and go to a different one). So, this has been my week, so far. Glad that everyone is doing well! Until next week!

Hermana Frerichs :)

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